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Klif Gift Card



Say goodbye to unwanted gifts! This autumn Klif is introducing Gift Cards, which will be accepted at every store in the shopping centre. Beginning in autumn, Klif will have Klif Gift Cards, which work in the same way as MasterCard prepaid cards, available for purchase. This is great news for everyone who wants to be sure that their gift hits the mark. The Klif Gift Card gives you unlimited choice, helping you to make dreams come true. It can be purchased at the Klif Information Desk and loaded from 50 PLN up to 4000 PLN, or online where you can load from 50 PLN to 1000 PLN.

The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Available funds can be checked by calling +48 22 4906923 or visiting: www.klif.pl/en or www.flex-e-card.pl.

With Klif Gift Card you can be sure that your gifts will always be a hit!


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