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Bagatt at Klif Fashion House – Italian luxury at hand



We tend to associate the world of high fashion and outstanding quality with products which come straight from the sunny Italy. Klif Fashion House invites all enthusiasts of the Italian style and exquisite design to the new Bagatt store where the tradition of premium craftsmanship and the latest trends come together in a perfect unison.

Bagatt – exclusive footwear and accessories Klif Fashion House gathers the most refined brands and offers its customers much more than just shopping. The ambience and quality of service which translate into the satisfaction of shoppers make every visit to Klif an enjoyable experience enriched with insight into the latest fashion trends. Recognizing and appreciating the refined tastes of its customers, Klif is adding yet another exclusive brand to its offer. A Bagatt store with a floor space of more than 100 sq m, which has just opened at Klif, is synonymous with the artisan tradition of handmade women’s and men’s footwear, bags and leather accessories. Based in the town of Arona near Milan, Bagatt is a company with over 100 years of experience. The brand offers top quality products which reflect the latest global trends at their best. Made with passion from premium materials, the products epitomize Italian design which combines the unique Italian style with contemporary fashion trends. The offer is addressed to people who value premium quality and unique design, and look for fashion inspiration and novelties. Both footwear and accessories bearing the Bagatt logo are a perfect complement to bold fashion-forward looks which will help you to stand out. Come to the new store and see for yourselves!


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