Global brands in the new Lula store at Klif Fashion House | Klif House of Fashion – Warsaw

Global brands in the new Lula store at Klif Fashion House



A perfect combination of an impressive offer and a sense of style, the new Lula store has been created by women and for women. It offers products of two luxury brands, namely Marc Jacobs and IRO, providing inspiration for all fashionistas.

Go bold with Marc Jacobs

It is not without a reason that Marc’s fans are believed to be women who love to play with fashion and opt for statement looks in search for their own style. The designer is considered to be a provocateur, as well as a prodigy of the fashion world. He draws inspiration from both street art and street fashion, as well as the works of eminent contemporary abstract artists. The ease with which he blends these major influences, and the impact of the vibrant atmosphere of New York where he lives, make all his collections truly unique. Created with utmost attention to detail, they fascinate with their modern, dynamic, and non-conformist take on femininity.

They ooze strength and self-confidence, putting you in the spotlight. Their figure-flattering cuts follow feminine curves to show off woman’s natural beauty. It is no different with the latest Marc Jacobs collection. It offers all that the designer stands for, although delivered in a brand new way. It is strongly influenced by American culture which is reflected in the colour palette dominated by white, navy blue, blue and red. The collection allows for two interpretations: on the one hand, it alludes to the marine trend and has a holiday touch to it, on the other, it makes a direct reference to the national colors of the United States. One thing is sure: the colours are distinctive, vivid, and perfectly matching. In addition, there is a punk rock aspect to the collection. It is particularly evident in the silhouette designs and the marriage of styles: cardigans are worn with maxi gowns, sequined tops with jeans, and heavy boots with summer dresses. The new collection also paraphrases Andy Warhol and pop art in general, which is strongly reflected in prints. The designer draws inspiration from a variety of sources: from the US national colours, through the rock mood, right to his love of opera and one of its greatest divas of all time, Maria Callas. Hence the rich ornaments and contrasting, exaggerated designs which make up a cohesive and orderly artistic vision paying tribute to his limitless imagination. Original and groundbreaking though they be, Jacobs’s designs are still ready-to-wear. They work perfectly well both in and out of office, making you feel that the big world of fashion and more is close at hand. A world with New York City at its heart.

IRO – French chic and boho

Speaking of France, Paris and omnipresent elegance come to mind. Rather than posh and impervious to global trends, this elegance is free, fresh and unassuming. IRO designs prove beyond doubt that French fashion gives women freedom and power. Ultra sexy jeans, tops, knits and jackets allow unrestrained movement, while emphasizing the feminine figure. IRO’s clothes lines are harmonious and distinctive enough not to be mistaken for any other brand.

They make assembling your wardrobe and everyday outfits more than just an enjoyable experience. Wearing IRO’s comfortable and relaxed fits boosts your confidence. The IRO woman is sexy, fulfilled and smiling, which is reflected in the brand’s latest SS 2016 collection. Flowing dresses, lovely shirts and basic tops teamed up with raw jackets and dazzling sexy jeans exude a seductive appeal and catch the eye. The simplicity of the designs only adds to their refinement and charm, making it easy to create captivating looks.

Sensuality, joy and beauty come together to define the latest collection. Fashion is not all about clothes. Perhaps even more importantly, it is about the joy of defining yourself in many different ways. The Lula store takes you to two different continents and two different worlds – of New York and Paris – leaving you the choice of what suits you best…

You will find the store on the first floor of Klif Fashion House!


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