Coccinelle Autumn-Winter 2018-19

14.08.2018 Events

Human Nature


No signal.
No range.

The connection is via green energy WiFi, and a low battery is charging naturally, with bright lights, bubbling water, a scent of bark and magnetic sunsets.

Human Nature tells a story that evokes earth and nature. It is an ancestral call, a bond with primitive elements that re-emerges, and an expression of the need to get back in touch with one’s inner spirit.

The Coccinelle woman, a warrior princess in the Digital Age, enters an untamed natural world that has taken back spaces once inhabited by cement and is reborn embracing a more introspective nature with healing sounds and vibrations.

Green Riot reveals the “wilder” side of this natural world and is inspired by guerrilla activities of young urban fighters who create green islands in the city, like soldiers of the night who redevelop abandoned properties on the city outskirts with an invasion of vegetable gardens and flowerbeds.

The collection tells its story with shades of green and clay and is dressed in plaid, using materials like faux fur and sporty chic nylon, flaps that bring to mind hunting and fishing baskets, and new backpacks inspired by hiking gear.

Mindfulness with a whispered tone of voice speaks of all-embracing nature that cradles you, carrying you to the zero point. Leather is buttery soft, and a hushed world creates gentler shapes, rounded lines, delicate colors and soft touch textures.

It is a declaration of love for a modern Artemis, where wild nature is allowed to survive and thrive, returning to occupy the cities, while another healing and introspective nature is a primordial vision of a hi-tech world, a universe that is “naturally” female.