Klif. Open to Warsaw
Spring/Summer 2019

01.03.2019 Premieres

The start of the spring- summer 2019 season is a great opportunity to present a new campaign promoting openness and building mutual relations.

At the beginning of the new season Dom Mody Klif have realized, in cooperation with the brands present at the gallery, two photo sessions – image session and lookbook session.

The image session is maintained in the current black and white color scheme, which differentiate Klif from the other shopping malls.

This time, editors decided to show beauty coming straight through the emotions that accompanies real and spontaneous feminine relationships, simultaneously remaining in the fashion photography convention. The campaign allowed to capture what is close to everyday life: the joy of waiting for new collections, the willingness to celebrate various occasions, sharing memories with friends. The new approach is to change the perception of Klif’s, which opens up to various groups of people, does not build the distance and invites them to visit this unique place.