Pollini black shoes pre collection autumn – winter 2018-2019

21.08.2018 Premieres

We live in a historical period in which everything moves very quickly, we do not have time to think about something that escapes, leaving space for a new one. Thanks to this thing, feelings like nostalgia re-emerge.
So, the need arises to find a “fil rouge” with the past, to stop to observe our order history, to leaf through old polaroids and to reopen the company’s archives, where you can smell the smell of leather and fatigue and passion for the product.
The unconscious need to relate to something that is part of our experience reappears, strong elements that allow us to look forward, building solid foundations on which to embroider future and innovation.

From the Pollini archives, important details were rediscovered, unique technicalities that made it a leading brand in the sector. An Italian company that proudly carries forward the peculiarities of the country that is its cradle, that is the meticulousness of everyday things made with love and passion, trying, with innovation, to revisit them obtaining a current appeal.
The brand has always stood out for creating a daily product with mastery, but in some cases it could be used transversely in occasions that go beyond the daily routine. And here it is to re-emerge not only male work on female shapes, but also the use of glittering materials mixed with the classic leathers.
It is from here that in this fall-winter18-19 we find the right balance between present and past, but with a look to the future. Fantasy and sensitivity come up beside the dynamics of the market, taking advantage of the possibility of the technique.

The details and the combinations, the English stitching, the embroidery, the threading, the geometric cuts, the mix colors and leather mix, the laserings and the hand stitcher confer the craftsmanship to the product and are the distinguishing element.
It is a design that recovers the value of concrete surfaces and structures, such as colors, decorations, fabrics and lights, freeing itself from the dictates of modernism. The collection is aimed at a woman who wants to wear a current shoe, with a 90s allure, a 70’s aftertaste, gritty, strong, stable, but with romantic, sensual and naive accents.