Regional Food Fair

20.02.2019 Premieres

Customers visiting Klif House of Fashion always search for the best products. This includes healthy and delicious food. In a bid to delight them, this year’s first Regional Fair will be launched on 21 February offering a variety of traditional and natural products from different regions of Poland.

With increasing knowledge and awareness of healthy eating and the value of food products, shoppers in Warsaw want to be sure that what they buy is healthy and comes from a trusted source.

The Fair will feature a variety of delicacies, including excellent aromatic cold meats from Podlasie, sourdough bread from Kurpie, smoked fish from Masuria, or the Land of a Thousand Lakes, blossom and honeydew honeys from the Kielce region, and a wide selection of cheeses, including mountain and aged cheeses and the famous Korycinski cheese. Visitors will also find fruit preserves, Turkish halva, and olives.

Come and visit the Regional Fair from 21 February to 2 March. For your convenience, it will be Klif’s regular event hosted at the ground floor.